Wineknot provides you with the most variety of alcoholic beverages, with a one-stop service 

that allows you to enjoy at home and drink with ease!

What We Offer

Fast Delivery Service

Our Professional delivery team can pick up, package, and deliver your order to your home or office. We also offer scheduled delivery of up to 30 days in advance.

No Minimum Charge

Say goodbye to minimum order amounts and quantities! Whether you are ordering just one bottle or one hundred bottles, we are here to cater to whatever your needs are without the restrictions.

Variety of Choices

We constantly strive to create fruitful partnerships with various wine, beer, and spirits vendors who offer a great mixture of both well-known labels as well as new, exciting products from all over the globe.

Active Customer Service

For any questions or issues, we provide an easy-to-use live chat directly on our site and through Facebook messenger, both with a perfect 100% response rate and a fast 8-minute response time.

Event Planning

Easily fill in our online event planning form or contact us directly and we can help you prepare the perfect drink package for your get together no matter the time, budget, or alcohol preference.

Easy, Secure Payment

Quickly and easily pay for your order with any Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card using our best-in-class, PCI compliant, secure, encrypted payment processing gateway powered by Stripe.